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Two weeks ago I was selected for a Researcher Development sector job interview.The interview consisted of a short power-point presentation on a pre-defined subject, followed by questions. I asked Filipa for some presentation feedback , and her input was invaluable! Not only she immediately identified the presentation weaknesses, but also suggested solutions on how could I work around to improve it. Her suggestions were spot-on!, and as a result my interview was so much better than it would have been without Filipa’s feedback and advice. Oh, and I got the job as well!:) I would definitely recommend her service to anyone wanting to improve their communication skills, confidence and effectiveness.

by 1st ITQBNova PostDocs Meeting organizers on Filipa P. Moraes

We have organized for the first time, the ITQB NOVA PostDocs Meeting on last December (2016). It was an opportunity for postdoctoral researchers to get together, know each other and learn on their projects and skills in a relaxed and friendly environment.Filipa gave a very good talk in the morning about career development, with useful links, ideas and strategies for personal assessment. She stayed for lunch and she was always available for questions, to give her help and to know better the audience of the workshop. This was also the linking step for the team building activity that she organized in the afternoon. The activity resulted in perfection, since Filipa created a very easy going atmosphere and she was so approachable and encouraging that everybody engaged without any constraint.Overall, we think that she is an outstanding professional and we want for sure to work with her again in the future.

by Margarida on Filipa P. Moraes

Filipa made such a good job with my CV! For the first time, I have a CV that truly highlight both my soft and hard skills, valorize all my work experience, and characterize myself in the most favorable way. The CV that she created is not only her “conception of me” – we kept in touch during the process, so we worked together in order to uncover all my talents and capabilities, which some of them I was not even aware that I had. I’m really impressed with her work and I absolutely recommend her services. Filipa is a very professional and friendly person, gave me valuable advices and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with her.

Science Xplore is a non profit association that engages scientists and artists to promote creative learning for young students (12-16yrs). We organized a week long ART LAB event on the theme "Back to the future" in Viseu, Portugal between Sept 5-10, 2016. Filipa organized team building events on the first day that lasted for 3hrs. Organizing such events for a diverse set of scientists, artists and young students can be very challenging. Filipa was very successful in engaging the participants, making them feel comfortable and in the end enabling them to interact with each other for a successful ART LAB experience. We all were very satisfied with Filipa's engagement during the ART LAB and look forward to working with her in the subsequent ART LAB events.

by Anna Carolina Rego on Filipa P. Moraes

Filipa is an amazing mentor (mentorship program from Women in Science at Yale). I´m from Brazil and I worked at Yale as a research scholar for one year during my PhD. She was the best mentor I could have had, she was always helpful and made me think more clearly about my goals and my career. She has a huge mentoring and career development experience.Thank you Filipa for all your support, you are on my best memories from Yale! 

I liked the presentation and it was very useful. I think it was one of the best presentations that I ever seen, because the content was so interesting and clearly explained. I felt that the audience was very commited to the subject.

The workshop with Filipa makes me think about my career and show me new opportunities. When I 'm close to finish my PhD, I would like to work with her in my career development.

The workshop about what to do with our Ph. D. gave me more than I expected. It's very helpful to clarify goals, objectives, planning correctly a career, to match better our personality, interest and skills with our professional expectations. I enjoyed a lot. She is a great and clear consultant.

“Filipa was a wonderful TA (Teaching Assistant). She was always available in and outside of class for questions, and was very helpful about how to go about writing research proposals and papers from the perspective of someone with a lot of research experience. I learned a lot from her.” Anonymous feedback from Yale undergraduate student, May.15.2014

"Filipa is an outstanding TA (Teaching Assistant) and by far the best one I have had for all of the bio modules. She is very clear with her expectations for students and gives constructive comments on course work. She was also extremely prepared for each section and for once I actually felt like attending them was a productive use of time. She’s a compassionate and dedicated teacher." Anonymous feedback from Yale undergraduate student, Dec.12.2014