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The Career Strategy Programme organised by Filipa is, without any doubt, a valuable tool for everyone who is seeking to reflect or learn about their future in Science (actually I can add... even outside Science!). By working with Filipa in the past months I have increased my confidence in my skills and in my ability to network, for example. Filipa is simply an amazing professional and this programme will help, for sure, each Scientist that chooses to take it. Thank you Filipa!

by Inês Órfão on Filipa P. Moraes

I'm very grateful for having participated on PhD Career Strategy Program organised by Filipa. This program was essential to realise the relevance of some steps when searching for a new job, such as the creation of a LinkedIn profile or writing a resume. But, more importantly, it helped me to plan a professional pathway considering my interests and values. Thanks Filipa!

For over three months I participated at a PhD Career Strategy Program organized by Filipa. The way she designed things really got the participants to self-reflect and discuss about their future, based on their interests, values and skills. This is exactly what a program like this should aim for, and by no means an easy task! Surely exceeded my expectations, got my stamp of recommendation!

Filipa's Career Strategy Program increased my confidence in the approach I have towards a career path. The overall impact of the inputs (strengths/weaknesses, values, interests, work-life balance, resilience, network, communication of personal brand) into our career choices addressed by this course are crucial to take into account for a fulfilling life.

I was one of the lucky ones to participate in the first edition of “Ciência Clara Career Strategy Programme” organised by Filipa, between November 2017 and January 2018, to PhD students of FCUL. Filipa undoubtedly provided us with the tools we needed to improve our career choice process, identify our interests and strengths. She even had the time to help us writing cover letters, CV/Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, and advise us how we should think, talk and prepare to a professional interview. I highly recommend to everyone Ciência Clara, because it really works, and Filipa is just amazing with us. It helped me a lot, in many ways. Thank you for everything Filipa!

by Margarida on Filipa P. Moraes

Filipa helped me getting my new job position, and I couldn't be more grateful to her.We worked together to prepare my job application, but without her inputs, I'm sure I wouldn't have received so many compliments about my motivation letter and how my CV was structured.Afterwards, she helped me to prepare for my job interview and gave me many pieces of advice, and because of that, I felt more prepared and confident.I absolutely recommend her services if you are considering to apply for a new job, PhD, post-doc position... She can give you valuable tips and guidance for positions both in academia and industry.Thank you again, Filipa!

I met Filipa Moraes at Instituto de Medicina Molecular during my PhD studies. She performed an excellent work in mentoring PhD students about different topics. She really supported us, giving valuable advices and encouraging to persue our work, focus on the main goals and never give up. Filipa is an excellent professional and friend!

Falo muitas vezes do Ciência Clara aos meus amigos e colegas cientistas que se deparam com algumas dúvidas na hora de tomar algumas decisões de carreira. É impressionante o número de pessoas que ainda ignora totalmente o conceito de "carreira" e se deixa ficar num trabalho do qual já não gosta. A Filipa pode ajudar-vos!Conheci a Filipa quando ela deu um workshop no Dep de Física da UC, no qual ela brevemente deu a conhecer os seus serviços. O que me cativou mais foi a forma como ela primeiramente mencionou os vários "elefantes na sala" com que nós cientistas nos deparamos quando ponderamos abandonar a vida académica: o que vão pensar de mim? Será que isto quer dizer que tirei o PhD para nada? Quer dizer que sou péssima no que faço? Estas questões e várias outras! Logo ali, vi que a Filipa estava bem a par do cerne da questão.Quando a conheci, já tinha uma ideia do que queria fazer depois do pós-doc e também aí a Filipa foi uma ajuda preciosa, fornecendo-me contactos de colegas seus cuja profissão me interessava - contactar estas pessoas ajudou-me a decidir o que queria e o que não queria, e hoje em dia sinto que estou no caminho certo para construir a minha carreira.Recomendo fortemente o Ciência Clara e continuarei a transmitir a sua palavra!

by Marcelo Augusto on Filipa P. Moraes

Filipa organized a Career Development Program focused on evaluating the strengths, interests and values as a tool for career exploration. I found it very helpful since it gave me knowledge about professional networking and CV writing. I deeply recommend any interested person in working with a pro-active person as FIlipa

I recently attended a course in Scientific Writting given by Filipa and really found it very helpful. It was an excellent program mastered by a very pro-active and highly dinamic trainer. Thanks Filipa!

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